Employee Award criteria

The Employee Award recognises the dedication and contribution of an individual employee in the delivery of services to older people and people with a disability. The employee will have:

  • excelled in the care and services provided; and
  • demonstrated commitment and dedication.

Addressing the Nomination Criteria

In your submission please:

  1. Outline the employee’s role in your organisation.
  2. Describe how the employee has excelled in care provision.
  3. Describe how the employee’s commitment and dedication has been reflected in practice.
  4. Supply any other information that you consider relevant to this nomination.
  5. Include up to 200 words of your choice to be used in the Awards Handbook to outline your nomination.
  6. Include up to 80 words of your choice to be used for the announcement of your nomination at the presentation event.

Please note: the nomination may not exceed four (4) A4 pages in addition to the Nomination Form and the required two (2) referee letters.