Community Care Committee

The ACS Community Care Committee reports to the ACS CEO and works with the ACS Board. The Community Care Committee will:

  • Monitor and identify key initiatives that relate to community care.
  • Develop policy positions, submissions strategies and/or other initiatives on behalf of the ACS membership in regard to the key matters that are identified.
  • Provide leadership, policy direction and industry intelligence in regard to issues that relate to community care.

Committee Members

Andrew Stoll – ECH Inc
Sue McKechnie – Resthaven Incorporated (Chair)
Gus Abimosleh – Helping Hand Aged Care Inc
Anna Howard – Murray Mallee Aged Care
Anne-Marie Gillard – ACH Group Inc
Susan Chessman – Resthaven Incorporated
Anne Higginson – Life Care (Deputy Chair)
Valerie Sandlant – James Brown Memorial Trust
Lucy McFadyen – Country Home Services
Debra Oliver – City of Unley

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Email us for more information on the Community Care Committee or if you wish to become a member of the committee.