Strategic Plan

ACS SA & NT Strategic Focus

The  STRATEGIC PLAN  is a tool for defining the direction of Aged & Community Services SA &NT Inc. By identifying a vision, values, goals, strategies and priorities, the Board has created a roadmap for the period of the plan (2014–2017).


Ageing is Living.


Lead and support our member organisations and the community to shape new expectations about ageing.


All our work at ACS is underpinned by the following core values.

  • Credibility – (we are) reliable, well informed and a trusted source of advice
  • Professionalism – our people are highly skilled and take pride in producing high quality work
  • Integrity– we work in ways that are highly principled and transparent
  • Resourcefulness – we adapt with skill to new situations and use our relationships and networks effectively
  • Learning – we place a high priority on the ongoing growth and development of our staff and members