Categories of Membership

ACS SA&NT is a powerful, cohesive, influential and highly respected professional peak body that is committed to representing on a state and national level, the full range of organisations or agencies who are engaged in responding mainly to the needs of older people who require residential care, retirement housing, accommodation or community services. ACS has the following categories of membership:

Not for Profit Aged Care Providers

Membership of the Association shall, upon payment of the prescribed Membership fee, be open:

  • To a benevolent association or organisation, as may be determined by the Board of Management, receiving or entitled to receive assistance pursuant to any statute through which subsidies are payable to benevolent associations or organisations which provide or intend to provide residential and/or care and/or community services for aged or disabled persons and their carers in the State of South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia.
  • To such other benevolent associations or organisations as may be determined by the Board of Management. In making a determination pursuant to this rule, the Board of Management shall have regard to the mutuality of interest between such association or organisation and Aged and Community Services SA & NT Incorporated.

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any entity (including government bodies) the activities of which are to provide residential care and/or community services or residential housing and also to any entity (including government bodies) which is engaged in research, promotion, advocacy or other activity which is reasonably intended to advance the objects of the Association.

As an Associate Member, entities shall have the same rights, privileges and obligations as Members other than the right to vote at Annual or Special Meetings of the organisation.

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Corporate Affiliate Program

Becoming a Corporate Affiliate with ACS, will provide you with an opportunity to present your business as a credible organisation with a belief in the ethos of the not-for-profit aged care sector.

Corporate Affiliates are recognised as supporters of ACSA’s mission and values. As an Corporate Affiliate you will have opportunities to contribute to the ongoing growth and development of the sector; strengthen current relationships, and develop new networking opportunities in the aged care sector.

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ACS Sponsors are businesses who are significant supporters of the aged and community care industry. Our sponsors provide products and services across the full range of businesses that supply to aged care providers.

ACS is committed to developing beneficial relationships with its Sponsors,  particularly those who express a long-term commitment to providing exemplary services in the aged care industry. ACS Sponsors are entitled to ‘first offer and priority choice’ on sponsorship opportunities including seminar sponsorship, trade displays and advertising opportunities at a range of ACS events.

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The subscription runs from 1 July through to 30 June per annum and is renewable upon invoicing in June of each year. An entity joining part way through a year will pay fees calculated on a pro-rata basis, in recognition of the number of months of scheme during that year.

For all your membership queries please contact Derek Dittrich on 08 8338 7111