Assistive Technology

Hills Health Solutions – ACSA National PartnerHILLS HEALTH_MASTER_CMYK

Since 1945, Hills has been synonymous with innovative thinking. From the iconic hoist to market-leading home, health, security, entertainment and connectivity solutions for the next generation.

Hills Health Solutions have brought together industry leaders Merlon Technologies, Questek, HTR (Hospital Television Rentals) and Hostel (Hospital Telecommunications) to become Australia’s number one provider of interactive patient care. We are Australia’s most trusted brand with more than 40 years industry experience providing integrated health solutions including IP and wi-fi Nurse Call, entertainment systems, WiFi networks and communications to healthcare and aged care facilities.

Hills Health Solutions also has a range of technology solutions to support ageing in place. These include Lively, a sensor based activity tracker; Care@Home,  a sophisticated personal emergency response device with falls detection; and telehealth solutions.

In over 60,000 beds across 375 hospitals and 600 aged care facilities nationwide, we are the one seamless integrated solution for your healthcare needs.

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