ACS Sponsors are businesses who are significant supporters of the aged and community care industry. Our sponsors provide goods and services across the full range of businesses that supply to aged care providers.

ACS is committed to developing beneficial relationships with its Sponsors, particularly those who express a long-term commitment to providing exemplary services in the aged care industry. ACS Sponsors are entitled to “first offer and priority choice” on sponsorship opportunities including seminar sponsorship, trade displays and advertising opportunities at a range of ACS events.

Event sponsorship and trade opportunities allow businesses and members to conduct business in an environment free from the pressure of day-to-day demands.

Benefits of ACS SA&NT Sponsorship
Packages include:

Branding and ACS Member awareness

  • Providing opportunities for your organisation to demonstrate its prominent support of, and commitment to, the aged care industry
  • Helping you maintain customer loyalty and increase your client base
  • Allowing your organisation to enhance its image throughout SA & NT

Supporting your Business Strategy

  • Enabling interaction with decision-makers in the aged care industry
  • Opening doors for your organisation by broadening business networks
  • Working with ACS through your corporate sponsorship to launch a new product or service
  • Providing a cost-effective way to reach this niche target audience
  • Giving your business an advantage over similar unaffiliated organisations

For further information, please contact the Business Development Manager on 8338 7111.

The following companies are sponsors of ACS SA & NT: