Leadership framework and online community

As the Aged Care sector grapples with change and transformation, leaders need support, development and the capability to embrace and shape the future agenda.  CSHISC_222025_Aged Care Leadership Development Centre Web Banner Ads_160x600_v3

This week, in partnership with Australia’s two Aged Care peak bodies, Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA), and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC) launched the online Aged Care Leadership Development Centre.

The Centre is the access point for the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework – an easy to use but powerful tool to develop leaders in the sector.

Over the past two years the Leadership Development Project consulted over 450 leaders across the Australian Aged Care sector to identify an approach and method to develop leaders specifically in Aged Care. The Capability Framework is the culminating result of their experience, knowledge and passion for seeing Aged Care as not just sustainable but a thriving industry.

The Capability Framework details leadership capabilities arranged into five key domains which are illustrated by sets of behaviours appropriate to leaders in Aged Care. Its flexibility allows for leadership programs to be developed from the Framework or retrospectively adapted to it ensuring consistency and rigour.

It can be used as the basis for recruitment, development and succession of a highly skilled, flexible and mobile aged care workforce; providing a tangible road map and vision for leadership progression.

Mark Sewell, CEO Warrigal was one of the first to implement the Capability Framework, he says “The whole process has given us insight into how leaders can be developed and educated; enabling us to fast track our leadership development. We are reaping the rewards today.”

The online Centre was launched to enable sharing of the resources that will help support and develop our current and future Aged Care leaders. It provides access to discussion forums, a curation of leadership blogs, genuine case studies and more.

To access the Framework and join the community, register at: www.acldc.com