3 May 2016

Letter to Members from ACSA President Paul Sadler

Dear Member

I am pleased to announce that all State Associations have approved resolutions to undertake a legal transition into New ACSA and, at the appropriate time, wind up their State entities. This is a significant step towards a new national entity.

New ACSA brings a stronger national voice for our not-for-profit sector, enhanced policy capacity and effective member support services.

ACSA is passionate about the quality of the services provided by our members. We know how important you are to your community and the people you serve. We will be the voice for all aged care providers irrespective of their size, service mix or location.

We will work with and for you to advocate to government to help them understand how important you are to the fabric of our communities, how we fill gaps generated by market failure and how you create choice for people who lack options.

We are at a key stage where can provide a strong, unified, national voice. We have enormous strength in numbers and we can focus our energy on leading the sector to the benefit of all members and the communities they serve.

We look forward to continuing to work with and for you and building a strong and successful ACSA.

Paul Sadler

President, ACSA