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Tailored Workshops for Promoting Better Practice

The Better Practice Project provides workshops, training and sessions tailored to the needs of individual agencies, diverse communities, industry groups, consumer or regional groups. These workshops explore particular aspects of good practice in more detail, assist in planning new ways of providing services and promote working in partnership with consumers

“I really appreciated the unique boutique approach of BPP to respond to the needs of our team, specifically utilising the strengths of the more experienced workers and facilitating the insights & learning of newer staff members.” ~Team Leader, 2016

BPP delivers training & awareness raising for managers, coordinators, allied health teams, community service workers and volunteers. These workshops are planned in partnership with the sponsoring agency or group and draw on the resources, knowledge and experience of the participants facilitated by the Better Practice Project team and associated presenters.

All opportunities can be designed to respond to the learning needs of the participants. Consider the 3 methods below;

Broad based investment:

Goal – to provide information and education to the broad base. This may include introductory concepts and mainly awareness raising for workers and volunteers.

Deeper work on a shorter term basis:

Goal – to deepen the capacity of program or agency to work with best practice models of care i.e. independence, wellness, reablement, importance of social connections, active aging, life long learning and valued roles.

Ongoing Values Embedded work:

Goal – to develop a community workforce committed to deepen their leadership qualities who are passionate about promoting person  centred approaches to embed models of better practice, such as appreciative inquiry & strength based approaches, that focus on qualitative outcomes.

Sessions can fit within existing staff/team meetings. A range of activities and information sharing approaches are utilised.

For more information on how we can work with you to meet your specific needs, feel free to contact Joyleen Thomas Project Manager on 0417 873105 to discuss your requirements in more detail or email  bpproject@agedcommunity.asn.au

Training and Support for Managers & Team Leaders

Reablement and Independence

Imagining  Possibilities – Turning Staff meetings into Training

Social Inclusion through valued roles and freely-given relationships

Train the Trainer  

Leading Person Centred Teams

 BPP Leadership development initiatives


Action Learning


Support for Champions

Reablement and Independence:  

Reablement and pathways to recovery for people accessing services are the focus of this package. Participants explore the concepts of independence and the skills and attributes that promote well-being. Personal stories and case studies enable a deeper understanding of the key factors that assist people on a reablement journey.

Workshops focus on understanding the aims of the new Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) – independence, wellness, reablement, social participation – and how to promote these in practice.  Participants explore conversational approaches to discover what is most important to each older person, how they want their life to be and working with them to find the best ways to support them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Imagining Possibilities: Turning staff meetings into Training

These workshops introduce participants to the “Imagining Possibilities” handbook. This resource was designed for use by workers supporting older people at home and in the community using a strengths based Appreciative Inquiry model. Team Leaders can learn to use the handbook to facilitate meetings and promote learning in effective informal ways within existing workplace processes.

This workshop offers a selection of practical Training Plans developed around such issues as: choice and control, strength based approach, flexible responses to client’s needs and how to develop a ‘power with’ relationship.

Social Inclusion through valued roles and freely-given relationships:

A workshop for team leaders and service coordinators exploring capacity building, life pathway approaches and community inclusion, using stories and examples relevant to people with disabilities. Other workshop formats, more suited to support workers about how to promote person-centred working, choice and control and supporting community participation, are also available.

Train the Trainer Workshops:

The Better Practice Project runs a series of Train the Trainer workshops annually aimed at up-skilling leaders to provide on the job training and deliver their own training and information sessions. This initiative builds good practices aimed at assisting staff to understand key principles and person-centred approaches to working with older people and their family carers. The workshops provide training in workshop design, facilitation techniques and adult learning.

Leading Person Centred Teams:

This workshop will explore the concept of “person-centred” teams; what they are, what they look like and how to create and develop such teams. The role of the team leader is critical to the success of such teams so time will also be spent looking at leadership and what is the right style to facilitate this development, in particular matching leadership styles with the current skills, knowledge and motivation of your staff. The fundamentals of person-centred planning is that we involve people in all decisions about their life and build on existing skills and interests, identify what they need and provide it.  Developing person-centred teams extends those principles to your staff.


The Better Practice Project offers group and individual mentoring sessions for promoting good practice as part of a partnership approach with agencies.

The BPP role of the mentor is to support, guide and broaden worker skills, act as a sounding board and/or assist the worker to develop a specific skill. Mentoring a training package, to be rolled out within an organisation is one example of this opportunity. Individuals can benefit from being supported to create set learning goals to identify the real needs of the person they are supporting, whilst exploring possibilities and designing an implementation plan.

Support for champions

Work with champions or leadership groups in individual agencies can assist in reviewing and fostering better practice or implementing change management initiatives to embed good practice and methods to be used consistently across all their programs. The Better Practice Project works in partnership with individual agencies to develop strategies for how the project might assist.

All workshops are available in both regional and metropolitan areas.

BPP training requires active participation from the learners.

BPP facilitators offer a unique approach which is client-focused and based on real experience and real stories.

Participants are introduced to a range of Better Practice Project resources including the BPP handbooks.

Contact the Better Practice Project on 8338 8008 to send us an email.

Master Classes by Esteemed Presenters & friends of the Better Practice Project

Each year the Better Practice Project sponsors events that feature new directions and methodologies, inspiring topics or bring leaders in the field to South Australia.

Master Classes & workshops over the past 20 years have featured esteemed presenters and friends of the Better Practice Project.

Jane Sherwin  

Jane is a Brisbane based teacher/facilitator, reviewer/evaluator, mentor/coach and writer.

Workshops delivered by Jane for BPP have included: Seven Propositions for Directive Control; Right Relationships; Transforming Social Support Programs, the Perspectives Series _ Art of Purposeful Conversations , Living Well through Valued Roles and The Heart of our Work.

In 2017 the newest workshops are Working in People’s Homes and Self Direction for Bigger and Better Lives.

Action Learning Project

Strengthening Social Connections and Relationships for Older People and People with Disabilities – An Enabling Approach is the title of the annual Action Learning Project offered by BPP. This exciting initiative, entering its 4th year, engages the learners over a series of 7 sessions (over 6 months) where the participants explore a range of models and frameworks in depth around one focus person from the service that they work with.

This unique learning opportunity strengthens ones work practice and is ideal for people designing social support programs. The graduates present their insights to the group in the final session. Managers are invited to attend the first and final sessions to understand the process, see the progress and support the staff member.  Register your interest to ensure you don’t miss this opportunity in the next calendar year.

Rosemary Wanganeen 

Rosemary is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute for Loss and Grief based in Adelaide. She is a proud Aboriginal woman from South Australia (SA) with Kaurna, Wirrangu, Koogatha and English heritage. Rosemary’s research interests lie in loss and grief and she is dedicated to providing understandable information and resources, maintaining the position that unresolved grief can lead to many social, emotional and health challenges.

Bi-cultural Awareness, Safety and Inclusion This workshop aspires to encourage a service provider to welcome the intellectual information and the emotional experiences to create a safer environment to enable an Aboriginal individual to experience inclusion across mainstream services.

Sheree Lewis 

Sheree has many years of experience delivering high energy training specific workshops for RTO’s, which deliver practical no nonsense outcomes for the participants. She is passionate about her training and netball.

Workshops currently ruin are “Train the Trainer” andLeading Person-centred teams.

Val Millen

Val was a Senior Lecturer at TAFE SA for over 20 years and now is a sought after private consultant. As a long time friend of the Project has transformed BPP resources into TAFE SA training tools.

In 2017 Val is presenting Imagining Possibilities: Turning Staff meetings into Training utilising the BPP resource Imagining Possibilities Handbook.

Coming soon

  • Dementia and the older person
  • Choice and Control
  • Difficult conversations

**Suggestions for guest presenters or topics of interest are always welcome.