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The Better Practice Project is available as a resource to human service organisations.  

It’s not about prescriptive solutions but is about responding to the needs of agencies at whatever level defined.  Contact us to discuss your needs: bpproject@agedcommunity.asn.au or phone 8338 8008.

ACTION LEARNING PROJECT 2018:  Strengthening Social Connections and Relationships for Older People and People with Disabilities – An Enabling Approach

Hosted by the Better Practice Project, this seven day course, held across six months, enables those who work in social support programs to foster better social and community lives with older people and people with disabilities.

The course explores experiences of loneliness and losses in people, what needs arise from these experiences, and how best to respond to a sense of better social connections and the individual’s needs. Participants engage with theory from community development and Social Role Valorisation, and receive mentoring support and information over a period of 6 months.

This is an annual course facilitated by Jane Sherwin an experienced consultant. Contact BPP to register your expression of interest in this unique learning opportunity.

Click here for expression of interest flyer for 2018 program

Information Session:  29 November 2017 from 9.30 am to 11.30 am

BPP invites you to learn about the 2018 Action Learning Project. Come along to our Information Session being held from 9.30 to 11.30 am on Wednesday 29 November to get the full story!

To register your interest, email Vicki Smith or phone 8338 8008

LGBTIQ:  Sexual Diversity Consciousness Raising

Sexual Diversity Consciousness Raising  highlights the issues older LGBTIQ people in our community face. The growing numbers of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people accessing aged care services represents an emerging and potentially challenging area for aged care workers.

This training is designed as a consciousness raising journey to explore the impact of societal attitudes and assumptions on the LGBTIQ community as well as good practice criteria for working with older people who identify as LGBTIQ.

This workshop will explore the impact of societal attitudes and assumptions on the LGBTIQ community as well as looking at good practice criteria for working with older people who identify as LGBTIQ.

2018 dates to be advised

Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

In partnership with SA Health and Meals on Wheels,  The Better Practice Project is offering an exciting opportunity for your organisation to participate in the Making Every Contact Count Project.

The Making Every Contact Count (MECC) project is based on the principle of utilising the contact that volunteers and workers already have with older people in South Australia. Through quick conversations and five pamphlets MECC provides information about 5 key health areas – falls prevention, physical activity, healthy eating, hydration and managing in the heat and social connections.

The pamphlets and training are provided at no cost. The pamphlets can be ordered through Health SA and the BPP can provide your volunteers or staff training on how to begin these conversations and deliver these health messages.

Click here to read the information sheet.  If you would like to be a part of this project then you can contact us on 08 8338 8008 or click here to email the team.

The pamphlets can be ordered here at this website.

Bi-cultural Awareness, Safety and Inclusion

This workshop looks at how to encourage service providers to welcome the intellectual information and the emotional experiences to create a safer environment to enable an Aboriginal individual to experience inclusion across mainstream services.

2018 dates to be advised

Imagining Possibilities – Turning Staff Meetings into Training

The purpose of this workshop is to offer some practical tools and strategies for you to turn your staff meetings in to training opportunities.

This workshop will introduce you to the “Imagining Possibilities” Handbook and the 4D’s of Appreciative Inquiry.  Learn how to focus on good questions that get to the heart of people’s real needs and help you think outside the box effectively to enhance the outcomes for the person.

Click here to register for the next session

Wellness Practice for Support Workers and Volunteers

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme promotes independence through physical and emotional well-being, supporting people to maintain and regain their capabilities to live a good life and increase their social connections and access to the community. This is a wellness approach and it is a key to the changes required of community support providers.

Participants will reflect on how to work with and support older people, people with disabilities and carers to maintain and improve their life experience through using a wellness approach within in their homes and community.

2018 dates to be advised

Social Inclusion through valued roles and freely-given relationships

This workshop will give participants a brief introduction to strategies that promote the social inclusion of older people and people with disabilities.

2018 dates to be advised

Taste of Resilience

The Better Practice Project and the South Australian Collaborative Projects invite you to learn about the benefits of strengthening your resilience practices or deepen the skills you have to improve your approach with the people you work with. You will also learn how to work with your character strengths and foster gratitude. This presentation is SAHMRI approved.

The key outcome will be to enhance resilience skills to support older people to foster their own well being and strengthen coping mechanisms and develop new resilience strategies.

2018 dates to be advised

Because I Can

The workshop is based on principles that reflect a self-management model and include client-centred practice, managing your own care and support, active participation, informed decision making and goal orientated practice embedded into a solution focused approach.

Because I Can is a short, taster workshop which specifically focuses on wellness and enablement. Programs have already been developed on this topic, but this workshop is quite unique because it’s a simple intervention, and for some, possibly the only intervention required, to re-energise, empower and increase confidence of participants. The goal being, if workers are more aware of their own capacities then they will promote the models to the people they are working with.

2018 dates to be advised

Right Relationships & Boundaries

Establishing and maintaining professional boundaries when providing care is essential. This is not always simple or visible. Therefore this essential package provides insights into the benefits, the potential for harm and the conflict that can arise.

This 2 hour training offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of “right relationship”, identify the impact of the home as the workplace, understand what constitutes professional behaviour and clarify the difference between “friend” and “friendly”.

2018 dates to be advised

Leading Person Centred Teams

The fundamentals of person-centred planning is that we involve people in all decisions about their life and build on existing skills and interests, identify what they need and provide it.  Developing person-centred teams extends those principles to your staff.

This workshop will explore the concept of “person-centred” teams; what they are, what they look like and how to create and develop such teams.  The role of the team leader is critical to the success of such teams so time will also be spent looking at leadership and what is the right style to facilitate this development, in particular matching leadership styles with the current skills, knowledge and motivation of your staff.

2018 dates to be advised

Train the Trainer:  How to train more effectively

This workshop is a great opportunity for Service providers to gain some training tips on how to consolidate and enhance your staff’s client-centred approach to service delivery.

2018 training dates to be advised

Self Direction:  for bigger and better lives  

Jane Sherwin shines a light on the importance of personal agency, right relationship, continuums of control and implications for the structures of organisation.  This workshop is suited to people in coordination and management

2018 training dates to be advised

Working in people’s homes   

Working in people’s homes is more complex that one might think.  This workshop will look at the purpose and role of the worker and the boundaries in the relationship. Focus will be on how to work in someone’s home without turning it into a workplace. A range of questions will be explored in an informative and interactive workshop.

2o18 training dates to be advised

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