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Mature workers matter a great deal. They make up approximately 70% of the sector workforce; without them the sector would be in crisis. This online resource is designed to support organisations to address the critical issue of retaining and keeping workers in good health and free of injury as they age.

A recommended way to use this resource is:

A.Take the Mature Workers Matter Assessment:
this 30 question assessment will give you a clear picture of what mature worker strategies and activities you already have in place and what you still need to address. The assessment links to relevant areas of the resource to support you further.

B. Complete the eMasterClass series:
A condensed version of the four MasterClasses is produced here to educate and support practitioners. Each MasterClass is designed to last for 10 – 20 minutes and will point you to resources that can support you further.

C. Use the strategies and activities:
These four strategy areas are a result of the research and industry consultation. They are designed to be a step by step guide to help you successfully implement them in your workplace.

D. Read the case studies:
During the project a group of industry champions have undertaken active learning projects and supplied case studies of what is already working. These industry champions will meet on a quarterly basis coordinated by ACS and continue to build the resources contained here.

E. Use the research, resources and links:
During the project, we have collated resources and links that are applicable to the sector and will support your own organisation’s strategies.

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Why do Mature Workers Matter?

  • two thirds of the aged care sector workforce is aged 45+;
  • our sustainability relies on their safety and wellbeing;
  • now is the time to address the risks, challenges and opportunities

To understand the risks and reasons to act, please complete the first eMasterClass and read the industry consultation report.

How will this resource help your organisation?

These resources have been discussed, developed and trialled in consultation with a group of experienced practitioners who completed the Mature Workers Matter masterclass series in 2011. The development of this resource has been funded by Employers Mutual and is freely available industry wide.

Using these resources and implementing some of the strategies and activities will:

  • support your mature workers, improve their working environment and contribute to the reduction of injury and improvement of return to work
  • help your organisation retain your mature workers
  • help your organisation attract mature workers
  • promote work organisation practices that benefit all workforce generations
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