D. Case Studies

Here you will find case studies of mature worker strategies and activities produced by people involved with the Mature Workers Matter project. They are designed to inspire you; to act as a catalyst for action. We have also included international case studies specific to the aged care, community services and health care industry.

The MWM champions are people who completed the MasterClass series in 2011 and implemented a project. Their project outlines are listed below. They aim to continue to meet quarterly, progress their mature workers projects and contribute to this resource.

The MWM champions include:

  • Cheryll Williams, West Coast Home Care
  • Jane Barton, Boandik Lodge Incorporated
  • Cathy Humzy, Department Families and Communities
  • Bernadette White, Murray Mallee Aged Care Group Incorp.
  • Jenny Knight, Whyalla Aged Care Inc
  • Michael Alder, Southern Cross Care
  • Michelle Drake, Southern Cross Care
  • Pam Castle, ACH Group
  • Carmel Siebert, ECH
  • Lindy Harkness, ECH
  • Valerie Aldahn, ECH
  • Carol Mohan, ACS

International Case Studies

Case Study – Flexibility Kronenberg Council Sweden (63k pdf) – Age management practices in health care sector in Sweden to reduce absence and improve work environment.

Case Study – Flexibility Residential Mental Health Care (77k pdf) – Flexible work practices in a residential home for mental health patients.

Case Study – Job Redesign Nursing (61k pdf) – This article describes the redesign implemented by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) in response to changes in the healthcare marketplace. In this CCF redesign process, we redefined RN roles and added two new roles: patient care technician and patient care service associate. Strategies used to facilitate this process on two acute care units are described; outcomes of this process are presented.

Case Study – Recruitment Goldsborough Home Care UK (67k pdf) – UK Home Care features initiatives on ergonomic advancement, retention, recruitment, health and well being and anti-discrimination.

Case Study – Return To Work Germany (71k pdf) – Return to work initiatives in community services in Germany. “The daily apple” a symbol for health conscious behaviour.

MWM Case Studies

Case Study – Knowledge Continuity Snr Exec (196k pdf) – ECH – Job redesign and transition to retirement for an executive position.

Case Study – Safe Work Environment Early Intervention (180k pdf) – Boandik Lodge – Niggles campaign

Case Study – Mercy Health (47k pdf) – Mercy Health, Victoria, Australia – Flexibility

Audio – Approach to Retirement (5463k mp3) – Listen to this six minute interview from Mike Blake about his approach to retirement, flexible work and mentoring. This accompanies the case study ‘Knowledge Continuity Snr Executive’

MWM Projects

MWM Project – Flexible Work Practices – Staff Wellbeing (230k pdf) – West Coast Home Care – Flexible work practices

MWM Project Health Promotion (240k pdf) – Southern Cross Care – Health Promotion Project

MWM Project Healthy Ageing Education (223k pdf) – ACH – Healthy Ageing Education

MWM Project Safe Work Practice Manual Handling (165k pdf) – Boandik Lodge, Mount Gambier – improving manual handling skills

MWM Project Staff Mentoring Program (192k pdf) – ECH – mentoring project

MWM Project Workforce Planning Project (214k pdf) – Department for Families and Communities – Gathering data from employees age 45 and above about their future career/retirement preferences

MWM Project Workforce Retention (209k pdf) – Murray Mallee and West Coast Home Care project for mature worker retention