B. eMaster Class Series

The eMasterClasses are a representation of the content of the four MasterClasses held throughout 2011. Each module is designed to coach you through the content and give you a better insight into the resources available for you. The eMasterClass modules take no more than 20 minutes to complete. You can stop and start, fast forward and rewind at any time. Each module contains resources which were specifically used within the MasterClass. Your eMasterClass coaches are Cath Duncan and Catriona Byrne from Sageco.

Each module builds on the one before. Click on the icons below to access the eMasterClass.

MasterClass1 MasterClass2 Masterclass3MasterClass4


 MasterClass1.WhyMatureWorkersMatter PDF File

MasterClass 2. SuccessfulConversations PDF File

MasterClass 3.Flexible Work Practices PDF File

MasterClass 4.WorkOrganisationJobDesign PDF File