E. Research, Resources & Links

This is the filing cabinet for any relevant documents under the broad headings of:

  1. Why mature workers matter (research) 
  2. Workforce planning
  3. Flexible work practices, (work life balance and wellbeing)
  4. Work organisation and job design (work task design, job design, physical work environment, performance capacities)

These articles offer a broader view across industries.

Why Mature Workers Matter

Workforce Planning

Flexible work practices

Work life balance and wellbeing


Workforce planning

Workforce Planning Resources – sample workforce plan and Workforce Planning E-Learning 


Flexibility / WorkLife Balance
SafeWork SA dedicated resource to work life balance.

Job Design
Minimise stress from poor work organisation.

Retirement and work planning for mature workers
Envisage – Create your future. Available in seminar or online format for mature employees.

Funding for mature worker
Australian businesses that provide jobs to people, 50 years of age or older, could get financial assistance from the Australian Government.

Funding for workability case studies
Contact Professor Philip Taylor at Monash University.