Job Redesign Project


Job design the tasks of the individual Work organisation: how work moves through the organisation and how jobs link to jobs eg dependencies, processes


  • To define a process for analysing work organisation and implementing job redesign for individuals.
  • To provide guidelines for approaches for job design for clinical and professional roles and manual handling roles


  • Reducing injury rates, improving return to work and retaining mature workers by successfully redesigning their jobs.
  • Improving productivity by improving the working experience of individuals and creating efficiencies.
  • Minimise stress caused by poor work organisation.

Steps to take












Two approaches

1  Employee solutions

Use the example followed in the case study (link to attachment below). Ask the group of workers (ie the doers – not the managers) to discuss the following questions and come up with solutions. You will be amazed at the solutions that employees can come up with.

  1. What is the outcome of this task/job, and is this outcome still viable in the present environment?
  2. How is the task currently being performed?
  3. Can it be done more simply or more efficiently?
  4. Who is currently performing the task?
  5. Is the task being performed by a person at an appropriate skill level?

Job Design Checklist

Complete the job design checklist to fully assess the following:

  1. Task variety
  2. Work / rest schedules
  3. Adjustment period required
  4. Training
  5. Mental variety
  6. Core knowledge skills
  7. Tasks within the team enviornment
  8. Technology


Case Study .Job Redesign Nursing

Job Design Checklist