Workability, is the optimum balance to be found between work demands and personal resources.

No standard one-size-fits-all solution exists for maintaining and improving workability. It is best achieved through a long-term, integrated program of activities that target groups of factors impacting the workability equation, that is:

  1. the domain of the individual; and
  2. the workplace domain

At their most basic the factors in the domain of the individual worker are summarised in the following diagram:









The factors relating to the domain of the workplace include:

These workplace factors impact at the overall industry level to result in award conditions, funding parameters, legislation, mental models about job roles and job expectations, and workplace culture.

These factors also impact at the local (individual) level on the willingness, or otherwise of managers and HR professionals to challenge mental models and culture, to bend rules and to push boundaries. The experience of these workplace factors also has an impact on employee beliefs and expectations. Thus the interconnectedness and importance of a focus on work environment.


Steps to take:

Consider how available the following interventions are in your organisation to support workability in home and aged care services.

Organisational level:

  • fair & flexible workplace initiatives to support work –family balance,
  • technology to support communication,
  • age management programs including transition to retirement,
  • ergonomic interventions to enable administrative staff to become less sedentary,
  • Work Health checks & health promotion programs to increase fitness & wellbeing,
  • Career planning, learning & development.

Individual level

  • improved attention to diet & exercise
  • reflection on values, meaning of work
  • time for self, rest & recovery
  • team support for individual efforts to be healthier
  • The starting place is to introduce the concept, and survey to gather baseline data to develop a Workability profile of your workforce.

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