Workforce Age Profile


  • To understand the risks and challenges presented by your workforce profile.
  • To produce a workforce age profile data set that supports mature worker strategies.
  • To provide a data set that enables you to target specific areas of your workforce with interventions to reduce risk.


A workforce age profile that is relevant to your organisation and enables you to:

  • provide a strong argument for implementing strategies and activities to support mature workers
  • measure the success of your strategies and activities
  • have constructive conversations with managers and executives about the importance of mature workers

Steps you could take:

  1. Complete the first eMasterClass: Why Mature Workers Matter
  2. Use the Basic Workforce Audit spreadsheet (attached below) supplied by Business Work and Ageing to map the demographic split of your workforce. This will allow you to compare with the Australian population and government.
  3. Make a time to speak with your most senior manager and other colleagues to ascertain what data story they would find useful.
  4. List the data sets that will be most useful to your organisation.
  5. Use the data collection guidelines (attached below) document to expand your workforce age profile.
  6. If injury rates and return to work statistics are a key driver in your mature worker project, use the Mature Workers Matter Data Collection (attached below) document.
  7. Once you have the data, spend some time developing the ‘data story’ to present to the people you need to influence most.
  8. Julie Sloan, Australia’s leading workforce planning practitioner has these words of advice:
    • Keep it simple
    • Read the story told by the data
    • Use simple table and graphs supported by analysis and comments
    • Understand and report on the relevance to your organisation’s business strategies
    • Identify trends, indicators and measure significant differences
    • Compare with wider industry data
    • Articulate the risks of doing nothing
  9. Use your data story to define and support your chosen mature worker strategies and activities.
  10. Use your data set to establish measurements for your strategies and activities.