Skilling the Workforce

Work Experience Guidelines and Student Handbook

Members are often approached by local High Schools seeking work experience for their Year 10, 11 or 12 students. ACS has heard that the experience provided can vary in quality. It is important to provide a great experience for students. This will most likely form a lasting impression of what it is like working in aged care.

To assist organisations, the School Engagement Project Group has developed:

1) Guidelines for organisations which provides some tips on how to enrich work experience for students

2) A Student Handbook with exercises and projects for students which will provide them with a deeper understanding of the principles behind the service

None of these documents are available in print as they will be continually improved. Your feedback would be very helpful in this process. Please email any comments to Luke Westenberg.

Selecting a Good Quality Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

The quality of training (particularly Certificate III) varies considerably between training providers. Members have experienced graduates who do not have adequate entry level skills necessary to find employment within the sector.

Aged care organisations understand though the importance of providing placement for students. They are a significant source of potential employees.

For this reason, The RTO Engagement Project Group has developed a comprehensive checklist of questions that organisations can ask RTOs before accepting their students on vocational placement.

The Checklist is a companion document of the Best Practice Guidelines for Vocational Placement. These documents are available for Members Only in the Resources section.